Replacing Backgrounds in Photos using Simple Chroma key Techniques and Front Projected ScothLite Beaded Screens
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Chroma Key Background Replacement and Substitution

Changing Backgrounds in Photos using Chroma Key Techniques

Replacement of Background in Photos Chroma Key Backgrounds and Scotch Lite Beaded Backgrounds

Chroma Key background replacement is a fairly straight forward technique for changing the background in a photo to any desired scene. We photograph you on a green or blue screen and using graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop we substitute in any selected background.

The studio lighting needs to be precisely controlled to prevent reflected colour spill falling on the main subject. The lighting of the subject should match the lighting in the background image to create believable results. Background replacement is a standard technique we use to add spice and variety to our studio pictures.

Uses of Background Replacement (see below for more samples)

  • Creative studio photography
  • Creating eye-catching graphics for business
  • iconic Fashion Photography

The example on the left shows a location studio shoot using a green screen. The subject was a Salvation Army General The samples show a religious stained glass window background along with digitally generated backgrounds created in Photoshop

Another technique that we have used at promotional events with great success is front screen projection using a Scotch Lite glass beaded background. This has the advantage that no post digital editing is required - the camera is captured in camera and can be printed immediately. The background is easily changed by simply changing the projected slide.

Get in touch with us if your are interested in background replacement for a promotional event. if you have booking a studio and have some ideas on background replacement please let us know