Methods and Techniques of Digital Retouching in Makeover Beauty Photos
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Digital Retouching

Beauty Makeover Digital Retouching and Background Replacement

Digital Photo Makeover

Our Digital Retouching Techniques include

  • Blemish and Spot Removal
  • Improving skin tone, giving glowing skin
  • Tidying up stray hairs
  • Softening and removal of wrinkles and veins
  • Background substitution using Chroma Key Technology
  • Enhancement of Contrast and Colour Saturation in the Photo
  • Colour to Black and White
  • Multiple images in the same photo - as in our photo books
  • Digital weight loss, lipo suction and body reshaping
  • Digital techniques are used to create our spoof magazine covers

Mouse over the image on the left. We can remove blemishes, spots, stray hair etc within minutes. We can substitute in different backgrounds using Chroma key technology. We can give you a boob job and even perform digital lipo-suction. We can remove beards and replace receding hair lines. The only limit to what can be done is your own imagination. Below is a list of typical requests from our clients. Digital Manipulation is charged according to the time spent. As a guide, expect to pay £10 per photo for light retouching and £20 for more complex work.