Baby Photo Shoot – Abdi

Baby Abdi – Oilatum Super Star!

Two gorgeous little munchkins popped into the studios to be photographed for a well-known talent agency.

They were subsequently picked for a well paid commercial photoshoot for baby brand Oilatum. The photoshoot took place in Kings Cross London, just down the road from our Camden NW1 studios

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Hundreds of babies applied for the audition from many different agencies. 12 babies from Kids Talent Agency were shortlisted with 2 being selected for the photo shoot.

Larger companies book a ‘hero’ baby to do the shoot but, in case of a disaster on the day, production companies will normally book ‘back up’ babies. Hero Talent is usually very well paid, often  with a lucrative buyout fee and the ‘back up’ talent gets a BSF – Basic Studio Fee

Quote from Mum Leah

We had great fun on the Oilatum shoot. They made us feel really comfortable and the babies were having a great time! Our first shoot and I was blown away by how natural it all came to our very small baby. He loved the camera and the crew! Thanks, Kids Talent Agency for the amazing opportunity.

Finding a baby model agency

Whether you are emailing application photos or searching for a UK Talent Agency, you’ll need to ensure that you have chosen a legitimate company.

As a mum or dad of a modelling child, this is the first big decision that rests on your shoulders.

Finding a trustworthy talent agent involves doing you research on the internet , making phone calls, and joining the many social media forums to help guide you to the right choice of agency.

How much do baby models earn?

Rates do vary a lot between agencies. However, £40 to £60 per hour is generally about right. Travel expenses and accommodation are paid on bigger jobs. A chaperone fee of around£50/hour should be paid to mum. On top of that, there can be buyout fees paid for usage – for instance on TV commercials. These range from a few hundred pounds to many thousands for a US buyout.

Is my child suitable for modelling?

You will find that most agencies are looking for a child who interacts well with the camera, with plenty of eye contact. They should also be confident with adults, other kids and new faces. Smiley, calm, engaged, chatty are kids are best suited to the modelling and performance industry.

It’s an obvious fact that cheeky, smiley happy kids are more suited than irritable, sulky ones. If your baby lacks confidence in strange environments the situations they will find themeslevves in and it would be cruel to subject them to this.

Trying out a pretend photoshoot at a friends house to see how your child reacts can help you assess your child’s suitability for modelling