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Location Shoots


Location Shoots

If you can’t come to our London photo studio, our photographers will come to you.

You may be a corporate business requiring staff portraits for marketing, promotion or website purposes. You may be a private client requiring relaxed spontaneous contemporary photos of the kids and yourself in your home environment.

An increasingly popular booking is for our location party makeover photoshoot service to celebrate those special occasions such as teen birthday parties.

Location Shoot

You and your makeup artist did an amazing job photographing our staff – Minimal disruption and great results – Well done!

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Location Photographers

Location Photographer – Costs

A photographer for a location photoshoot costs £350 for the two hours and £100 for each subsequent hour.

Parking and travel costs may apply

Location Photographers

All the photos from the location photoshoot are made available at high resolution.

Location Makeup Artist – Costs

If you require a makeup artist in addition to a photographer the cost is £250 for the first hour and £100 for each subsequent hour.

Parking and travel may also apply


Makeup artists are also typically required for makeover parties, Hen Pary shoots and parties for teen girls.



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It helps our photographers enormously if you have done a bit of research on the ‘must have’ poses that you really like.

The photographer will normally ask you to turn your body 45 degrees to the camera. Your head should then turn towards the camera.

  • Typically, the headshot will be cropped to head and shoulders
  • 3/4 quarter body profile with head turned towards the camera
  • Eye contact and engaging smile
  • Change the angle of head tilt from shot to shot 

Imagine that your best customer has just walked through the door. The resulting headshot should portray a friendly, approachable, smiling individual.


Retouching?? This is a tricky and controversial subject.

As a guide, expect to pay from £10 per photo for light retouching and more for complex, creative manipulation.

The aim of a promotional headshot is to show YOU at your very BEST.

Our view is that you need to use every tool at your disposal to load the dice in your favour.

We definitely recommend the use of a professional makeup artist for both men and women.

Natural-looking makeup, combined with the subtle use of digital retouching, is a sure-fire recipe for getting booked time and again.

Event PR & Party Photographers

We provide photographers throughout London for any reason including

  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Dinner Dances
  • Parties & Prom Nights
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Presentations

We can provide multiple photographers and onsite printing to guests.

Prints can be supplied to quests in folders with your companies brand.