Mother & Baby Mag Feature

Talent Agency Portfolio Shoots

Three babies who visited our studios for a Talent Agency Photo Shoot featured, along with their mums, in a funny but informative article for Mother & Baby Magazine on being heavily pregnant when getting married!

Well done to the mums who were all good sports for taking part. Click on an image to see a larger version.

Quote 1 from one of the mums

Recently wrote a piece on being a pregnant bride for the mother and baby magazine , first time doing anything like this absolutely loved it. Such a friendly professional team keeping me constantly updated regular emails very friendly I’m excited for my son to have his portfolio with you guys!

Quote 2 from one of the mums

Thank you for all your support with the upcoming Mother & Baby article. I received great communication throughout and was always updated. I and Zavier are excited about the article. We are both looking forward to upcoming opportunities.