Couple Engagement Photos

Engagement Photo Shoot with the Joy and harry

Joy and Harry, a Nigerian couple popped into our North London Studios for a engagement photo shoot

They wore both traditional Nigerian clothing and European clothing and the looked terrific in both

We later went on to photograph their wedding as well. A spoof magazine cover was created from the shoot

Quote from Couple

Best decision we ever made. What an awesome experience from start to finish. the studios were fantastic, and the photographer an absolute professional. Best decision we ever made. Stunning results. The photographer, Kirs, was so kind and patient throughout the shoot. I highly recommend her and her amazing work

An Engagement session with Cupid buzzing around the studio!

Our photographer loved this studio shoot with this beautiful Nigerian couple dressed in traditional costume.

London Locations

Many couples decide to come into the studio to celebrate their engagement. However, London is full of iconic Locations which can make a perfect romantic backdrop to your engagement pics.

By whizzing about in a London taxi cab, many iconic locations are very close to each other and several locations are easily reached in an afternoon.

Suggested Locations are

  • Trafalgar Square
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Picadilly circus
  • Tower Bridge
  • Tower of London

This is an example of just a few but the list is endless.

It would be wise to pick just two three locations to do in an afternoon and traffic allowing more are possible

Location shoots start at £350 for the first two hours and £50/hour thereafter.

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