Family Studio Shoot with the Sengwayos!

Fun Family Photo Shoot with the Sengwayos!

The Sengwayo family popped into the studios with their baby, Zion aka AJ, for a photoshoot for a well-known talent agency

It was a fun photoshoot that went without a hitch and the family ended up with some really memorable pictures to treasure forever!

An extremely photogenic family which should do well in the media industry.

Needless to say, baby Zion was a complete superstar and needed very little prompting to come up with some superb poses. Just check out the eye contact with the camera- outstanding.

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Family Modelling?

Be realistic with your expectations

You may have the expectation that commercial photoshoots with your kids are very similar to the pictures you might take in your own home – relaxed, lots of laughs and silly poses.

The reality is that you child will be surrounded by strangers in a very unfamiliar studio environment with lots of distracting stuff happening and strange lights flashing almost non stop.

A lot of children will feel uncomfortable in this environment. Mums are often of the opinion that they can take much better pictures of their kids than professional can. In many cases this is true – the child is completely relaxed with his own parents. However, studio photographers use highly technical equipment ( usually not mobile phones!), so professionals are needed to take the shots.

Parents need to understand that although babies and toddlers are adorable, modelling is not easy. Endless hours of waiting around usually for very little money. It can be very stressful for you and your child.