Male Model Photo Shoot

Studio Shoot – on Black Background

Examples of an adult male model shoot taken in our studios on a black background (mostly) for an aspiring model, Khan.

If you are thinking about dipping you toe in the water of the very competitive media industry and aspire to be a model, why not pop down to our studios.

You cannot go far wrong – the sessions are very affordable and cost effective. At the very least, you will end up with some gorgeous looking pictures.

Our model portfolios are normally taken on plain backgrounds – typically white or black in the studio.

Model Portfolios Top Tips

Quality over Quantity

Better to have a few jaw dropping images rather than lots of average ones – you portfolio needs to stand out head and shoulders over the competition in order to get noticed.

These days, most of us are on really tight budgets, but if you have the money come down to our studios and let our professional photographers work their magic – stunning lighting setups, clean backgrounds, guided professional posing advice


Before you come into the studio, have a good think about the style of picture you want to portray and choose your clothing and props accordingly.

You may want to attempt more than one style on the day of he shoot – smart, causal and formal are examples.

Other styles of shot include aggressive, friendly, characterful, fun, mysterious, angry, forceful, romantic, strong etc. The trick is to identify a style that suits you and practise poses which best showcase that style.


To make you look your best your photos will need editing. A model portfolio needs to show you at you very best, yet in a completely natural way. A casting directors are not intested in looking at starter portfolios which have been overly enhanced – they want to see the real you.

To that end, images should be optimised for viewing – contrast, colour balance and exposure adjustment should be made. Backgrounds will need to be cleaned up. Stray hairs and facial blemishes should be fixed.


Rehearse those poses at home until they become completely natural – the camera likes diagonals, so your poses should reflect this. Must have portfolio poses are listed below.

Full Body Shot

Nothing difficult to understand about this. However, the camera angle can make a huge difference to the outcome. Have pictures taken by your friend at eye level, waist level and from a raised camera angle (step ladder) and see the difference it can make.

Half-length Shot

Again, an easy to understand pose – and again it is the level and angle of the camera which can focus attention on or off certain features.

Make sure you have built up a good repertoire of hand poses- knowing what to do with your hands during a model shoot is not an easy skill to master

Body Shots

For men, this may mean getting your shirt off and showing your six-pack – but not everyone has got a six-pack:(

The best advice here it to show off your body measurements by wearing tight fitting clothes

Close up Facial Shots

Options here are smiling, not smiling, showing teeth, not showing teeth, looking directly down the camera lens, looking over or away from the camera lens. Practice with facial angles as well up and down, left and right.

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