Boney M Band Photos

Boney M – A blast from the past

Example of a band photoshoot taken in our studios on a white and black backgrounds.

This bunch of lovely musicians below is the latest line up of Boney M. Some of you might remember them as the band had global success in the 1980s

Thinking about dipping your toe in the water of the very competitive music industry? If you find yourself in need of professional photos why not give us a whirl?

You cannot go far wrong – the sessions are very affordable and cost-effective. At the very least, you will end up with some gorgeous looking pictures.

Studio musician shoots start at just £50. We can also shoot at any London location of your choice. Location prices start at £350 for 2 hours and include a full set of all images taken.

Our music portfolios are normally taken on plain backgrounds – typically white or black in our North London studios

Musicians, Singers & Bands

Music Photography at it’s very best

Most musicians, bands, singers and artists are struggling to get signed so budgets are usually very tight.

You will find our prices are very affordable and cost effective, starting at just £50 for a one hour session, This includes one high res image of you choice.

Further images can be be bought and the cost depends on how many you buy. Musicians are offered package deals on photos – for example 15 high res images will set you back just £15 each – astounding value.

Makeup and Hair Styling

Professional makeup and hairstyling is available for the shoot at an additional cost of £150.

Our staff are experienced in all types of special effects makeup. If you have a specific idea for a shoot let us know and we will make it happen.

You are, of course, welcome to do your own hair and makeup. If this is the case we would normally ask you to arrive at the studios with your hair already styled and your makeup at least partially applied. this saves a lot of time and keeps the shoot on schedule.

Digital Retouching

Digital manipulation of your images ranges from light retouching, removing stray hair and skin blemishes, to full creative manipulation involving background replacement and more.

Light retouching starts at just £10 per image.

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