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Actors Headshots

Pop into our Camden High Street Studios and let our Professional Photographers weave their magic.

Our reputation for high quality, speed and amazing value for money makes us your number one choice in London for professional headshots.

Established over 15 years ago, our London Photo Studio specialises in quality headshots – over 95% of headshot bookings come through customer referrals.

We are based in the heart of bustling Camden, London, within easy access for anyone living within the M25.

A camera alone does not make a picture. To make a picture you need a camera, a photographer and above all a subject. It is the subject that determines the interest of the photograph

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NW London Studios

Headshot Photographers

Headshot Photographers

Actor’s Headshots are much more than pretty pictures. A professional headshot photo is an essential marketing and promotional tool for an actor and worth every penny of the cost.

Your headshot shows you at your natural best and should create an instant rapport with a casting director.

Our headshot photographers use finely crafted posing techniques and lighting setups to make your personality shine through in your headshot photos.

Our prices are affordable and offer excellent value for money. We also provide, for an extra cost,  hair styling and makeup – often a good idea for both MEN and women.

We also provide digital retouching – from simple touch-ups for the removal of blemishes to full creative manipulation of images and backgrounds.


It helps our photographers enormously if you have done a bit of research on the ‘must have’ business poses that you really like.

The photographer will normally ask you to turn your body 45 degrees to the camera. Your head should then turn towards the camera.

  • Typically, the headshot will be cropped to head and shoulders
  • 3/4 quarter body profile with head turned towards the camera
  • Eye contact and engaging smile
  • Change the angle of head tilt from shot to shot 

When having your photos taken, imagine that your best customer has just walked through the door.

The resulting headshot should portray a friendly, approachable, smiling individual.

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Our History

We’ve been in business for an astonishing 20+ years. Our secret is delivering dazzling, top-notch studio photo shoots at very affordable prices, time after time.

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What to Expect on the Day

Our advice is to book a least a week in advance – we are tremendously busy.

Your actor’s headshot session will last for up to one hour. If you want to come in on a Saturday, you should book two weeks in advance.

If you haven’t booked a makeup artist and stylist, please come in with your hair ready styled, dressed and ready to go straight into the studio.

You will need to think about costume changes and accessories to produce a variety of commercial and theatrical headshots.

Bring in both casual, formal and smart clothing. Hats, scarves, jewellery etc are a good way to accessorise the photoshoot.


Retouching?? This is a tricky and controversial subject.

As a guide, expect to pay from £10 per photo for light retouching and more for complex, creative manipulation.

The aim of a promotional headshot is to show YOU at your very BEST.

Our view is that you need to use every tool at your disposal to load the dice in your favour.

We definitely recommend the use of a professional makeup artist for both men and women.

Natural-looking makeup, combined with the subtle use of digital retouching, is a sure-fire recipe for getting booked time and again.

Headshot Costs

Headshot studio shoots start at £50 and include up to an hour in the studio.

Two high-resolution images of your choice are included in the price.

Additional images can be bought. For example, a  total of 10 images, costs £150 – just £15 per image.

You will need to pay a £50 deposit to book your photoshoot. This can be done over the phone when booking.

Payment can also be made online by clicking here

Location headshot sessions can take place at you college, school or theatre etc, They are charged at £350 for the first two hours

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Latest Headshots

Corporate Portraits

Corporate Portraits

Examples of corporate portraits taken at our studios in Camden London. They have been done on a clean white back ground.

Location Headshots

Location Headshots

You don’t need to leave the office! We can come to you with all the necessary equipment to take outstanding, wow-factor corporate portraits.

Business Headshots

Business Headshots

Our business headshots are used for advertising, sale, promotions, social media and the web. We have over 20+ years of experience behind.


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Krisztina Juhasz

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Hello, my name is Krisztina and I specialise in Baby, Family and Yoga Photography in North London.

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Margo Stegliano

Freelance Photographer

Hello, my name is Margo and I specialise in Baby, Family and Music Photography in North London.